27th. ETRA Conference

27th. ETRA Conference

The 27th ETRA Conference on Tyre Recycling was held Monday through Wednesday, 30 May – 1 June 2022 at Le Louise Hotel in Brussels. Despite many events related to recycling, tyre and rubber took place in May, some of them overlapping, there were 122 registered participants from 28 countries worldwide.

The conference theme, New Market Partnerhips after 2020 : Overcoming the Obstacles, included some of the extraordinary progress that has been made in the tyre recycling industries and highlight its exciting role in future as part of the Circular Economy.

Pyrolysis Developments

PYROLYSIS : THE STEPS AHEAD was the title of the Pyrolysis Session. After more than 100 Years of Development (1920 – 2020) Pyrolysis today have been able to develop high quality materials which can be reintroduced into new tyres production, implementing a true Circular Economy. The most successful worldwide projects were illustrated

Devulcanisation, Waterjetting, and other material valorization

 Much progress has been made over the years to return the rubber to its original condition prior to vulcanization. Devulcanisation, Waterjetting, Compounding, Moulding, are just some options focused to obtain materials and products for Vehicles and Rubber Industry. Various technologies and materials have been developed and improvements are still ongoing, involving both tyre recyclers and tyre manufacturers.

Tyre recycling along the years has become more and more innovative and sophisticated. The materials obtained from recycling have been up-cycled or combined in sophisticated uses and application, making hardly possible to recognize them.