2017. march 22-24.

Attending at ETRA annual conference

Between 22-24 March, as the member of ETRA (European Tyre Recycling Association) New Energy Kft’s delegates attended on the Annual General Assembly Meeting as well as on the conference.
On the ASTM meeting we had the opportunity to be actively involved in the international standardisation process of pyro-carbon blacks. On the conference we listened to 9 presentations and overview regarding different issues of European tyre waste recycling.
After the conference we are convinced that quite strong professional and investor’s interest exist worldwide toward PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGY, so the tyre waste recycling sector definitely needs to find an adaptable rotating technology which results high quality output products.

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ASTM meeting
ETRA conference
ETRA General Assembly Meeting


2017. march 8.

On 8th March 2017 a Green Economy Business Forum was held in Rome.

As last year’s Ecomondo exhibition proved the interest toward our techonlogy by the Italian recycling related companies, the managing director of New Energy Kft. was present on this event.
After the opening speech of Mr. Peter Szijjarto Foreign Minister of Hungary, we listened to different public information and presentations, then we had a chance to meet some companies.
Thank for the arrangements and invitation of the Hungarian National Trading House, it was an interesting programme to attend.

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2016. nov. 8-11.

Our Team attended at this year’s Ecomondo Expo ( in Rimini between 8-11th November!

The interest toward our technology has been much stronger than we had expected, several delegations, investors and researchers visited us.

During our discussions it’s been confirmed that recycling tire waste is a serious problem all over the world, so governments and investors need to find long term, final solutions.

In the following months we have to work on establishing business relationships with the interested parties and integrate our technology into their national waste management systems.

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