2019. May 21-22.
Recovered Carbon Black Conference

Carbon Black World is the only event that focuses exclusively on virgin carbon black. The 15th anniversary event brought together a delegation of international manufacturers, end-users and equipment, technology solutions in the field of tires, rubber, plastics, chemicals and paints. Across the years, this conference has attracted brands like Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Phillips Carbon Black, Continental and the 2018 conference contunued to draw all these major brands and more to network and share strategic insights.
This year’s rCB (recovered CB) conference focused specifically on pyrolysis recovered carbon black. The recovered carbon black is being researched, developed and sold by experts and innovators who are trying to re-enter carbon black as a secondary raw material as part of the circular economy. Recovered carbon represents 5% of the global 1.25 billion market, and can be controlled by consumer needs for end-user needs and sustainable alternatives to address the growing problem of unused tires.

Recovered Carbon Black has been designed as a forum for experts and innovators,who research, develop and commercialise recovered carbon black. Recovered carbon black can be attributed to 5% of the global 1.25 billion market and is driven by end user needs and consumer demands for sustainable alternatives to tackle the ever growing problem of unused tyres.

Across the two day conference delegates heard the whole supply chain to get a full view of the market. Carbon black producers shared their challenges and provided case studies, vendors and technology providers discussed industry trends and technology platforms and end users offered their views on recovered carbon black and their future vision, their sustainability.
Some of these:

  • Pyrolysis From Tires Interdependence of rCB and Oils Production Due To Economic and Regulatory Constraints
    Robert Weibold | Founder of Weibold
  • Producing fine ground rCB economically at minimum energy consumption
    Daniel Karhoff | Central Division of Technology of NEUMAN & ESSER
    Process Technology
  • RCB from a perspective of a rubber articles producer
    Jurgen Heers | Head of Group Procurement Compounding Materials of Jurgen Heers | Head of Group Procurement Compounding Materials of Semperit AG- Holding
  • Virgin carbon black perspective: Do we see opportunity within the recovered carbon black sector?
    Jakub Szwajka | Chief Marketing Officer of MAKROchem
  • The recovery process of tire pyrolysis carbon black and how to deal with waste tyre, including carbon black purify, granulation, drying and recovery after pyrolysis
    Jin Yanchao | Vice Manager R&D Department of Doright Co Ltd, China

NEW ENERGY – ETRA 2019 membership renewal

The only European alliance that has been created solely for the recycling of tires that cannot be used as a product.
ETRA is an independent, member-driven European Association open to those
involved in the diverse activities that contribute to the ‘tyre recycling industry’. ETRA is the result of a project established in 1990 and funded in 1992 to coordinate the recycling of tire waste in Europe. The association was conceived by 19 delegates to the first European Conference on Tyre Recycling, that was held in Brussels in January 1994 as a concluding activity for the year-long project. The conference brought together companies, government bodies, and individuals involved in tyre
recycling – including granulaters, material users, product developers, collectors, retreaders, equipment manu-facturers and even tyre producers. In September 1994, ETRA was registered as a European Association with the goal of providing a forum for discussion and exchange concerning the emerging issues of the industry. Today, ETRA is an independent European Association with membership of +250 tyre recycling professionals in 43 countries.

ETRA members reflect both the public and private sectors involved in the environmentally safe treatment and use of post-consumer tyres. Policy and decision makers as well as those charged with organising and connecting the links in the
recycling chain are represented. With a focus on material recovery, ETRA members include material producers (i.e., granulaters, compounders) and users (e.g., civil engineers, product manufacturers), as well as collectors, manu-facturers of recycling equipment, research and training bodies, product developers and users of new technologies.

ETRA’s primary objectives are:

  • to serve in an advocacy role for the tyre recycling industry in contacts with public and private bodies and the consumer public;
  • to defend the interests of the tyre recycling industry in regard to legislation;
  • to promote tyre recycling and seek alternative, sustainable ways to expand existing markets and create new ones;
  • to promote the use of recycled tyre rubber in a range of consumer and industrial products, as well as civil engineering applications;
  • to provide communication links among tyre recycling professionals as well as with government and professional bodies, allied industries, research and development entities, and the public at large;
  • to provide relevant information about developments, technologies and markets to members and other interested parties;
  • to aid in the development and promotion of industry standards for tyre
  • to provide assistance to groups and individuals in the tyre recycling industry.

Recognised by the EU Commission and Parliament, ETRA assisted in the Recycling
Forum and dialogue on the Thematic Strategy for the prevention and recycling of waste. ETRA is a member of the European Recycling Coalition and was a keynote speaker at the 2006 Parliamentary hearings on Waste Management Policy, and again in January 2008 and is presently contributes to the discussions of ‘end-of-waste’ criteria. ETRA contributed to the UN (UNEP) Basel Convention ‘Guidelines for the identification and management of used tyres’. Recycled tyre materials are pre-registered under REACH through the ETRA-UMENA programme. CEN Technical Specifications have been completed as a tool for the preparation and treatment of these materials.

New Energy Kft. is also a member of ETRA, and it has been retaining its membership this year and is an active member of the organization. We are a participant in the D36 membership that works with the ASTM (American Society for Testing
and Materials) to standardize pyrolysis carbon black. Over the past few
years, pyrolysis has played an increasingly important role in the processing technology of tire waste. They also seek to align EU law in this direction. Half of the 3-day conference would now consist of performances related to pyrolysis. Thus, our company can actively participate in the operation of ETRA membership. As part of this, in July 2019, our company will host a negotiation meeting to explore further development opportunities in this area.


2017. march 22-24.

Attending at ETRA annual conference

Between 22-24 March, as the member of ETRA (European Tyre Recycling Association) New Energy Kft’s delegates attended on the Annual General Assembly Meeting as well as on the conference.
On the ASTM meeting we had the opportunity to be actively involved in the international standardisation process of pyro-carbon blacks. On the conference we listened to 9 presentations and overview regarding different issues of European tyre waste recycling.
After the conference we are convinced that quite strong professional and investor’s interest exist worldwide toward PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGY, so the tyre waste recycling sector definitely needs to find an adaptable rotating technology which results high quality output products.

A teljes méret megtekintéséhez kattintson a képre!

ASTM meeting
ETRA conference
ETRA General Assembly Meeting


2017. march 8.

On 8th March 2017 a Green Economy Business Forum was held in Rome.

As last year’s Ecomondo exhibition proved the interest toward our techonlogy by the Italian recycling related companies, the managing director of New Energy Kft. was present on this event.
After the opening speech of Mr. Peter Szijjarto Foreign Minister of Hungary, we listened to different public information and presentations, then we had a chance to meet some companies.
Thank for the arrangements and invitation of the Hungarian National Trading House, it was an interesting programme to attend.

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2016. nov. 8-11.

Our Team attended at this year’s Ecomondo Expo ( in Rimini between 8-11th November!

The interest toward our technology has been much stronger than we had expected, several delegations, investors and researchers visited us.

During our discussions it’s been confirmed that recycling tire waste is a serious problem all over the world, so governments and investors need to find long term, final solutions.

In the following months we have to work on establishing business relationships with the interested parties and integrate our technology into their national waste management systems.

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